Best Nudes Ever

I am about to make a shocking statement and i need you all to bear with me. I love boobies. There. I said it. I love funbags. Whether they be small, medium or flat out gigantic, I am simply a huge fan of kadungas. And the only thing I like more than a nice pair of oingo boingos in front of me, is a nice pair of oingo boingos on screen. I don't know what it is about heehaws on screen--maybe it's the unatainability of them--but I just lose my mind. Unfortunately, because my brain is so milk cannon-oriented, I tend to ignore nakedness in all its other glorious forms. Movie nakedness in particular, is a sacred thing, and I would personally like to thank the folks over at EW for coming up with this LIST of the 30 best nude scenes of all time. Although not every entry is spank bank worthy, the list is inspired nonetheless.
Extra Tidbit: Whose ringdings would you like to see on screen most? I nominate ScarJo.
Source: EW



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