Best reviewed of '08?

Like our own Golden Schmoes, each year Rotten Tomatoes hands out some awards for the best of the previous year. But unlike our awards, which are voted on by readers, the Golden Tomatoes are based off what all their reporting critics think. So when you have a winner, it truly becomes the best reviewed movie of the year. This year's overall winner with an impressive 96% was...WALL-E. It shouldn't surprise you when you have critics like Lisa Schwarzbaum (Entertainment Weekly) writing that WALL-E is one of the "most profound, subtle, sophisticated, and gorgeously inventive specimens, ever" in the history of movies. It's the second year a Pixar movie won the overall award with RATATOUILLE taking home honors last year. Coming in 2nd and 3rd this year were THE DARK KNIGHT and IRON MAN proving this was a very good year to be a fanboy. And what about the worst reviewed movie of the year. Surprise, it's not DISASTER MOVIE! It's actually a four-way tie between STRANGE WILDERNESS, ONE MISSED CALL, DEAL and WITLESS PROTECTION who all received 0% (or if you're counting along at home, not a single positive review). Head here to check out all the winners (and losers) in the 10th Annual Golden Tomato awards!

Extra Tidbit: I could give you 100 guesses and you wouldn't guess who won the overall Golden Tomato in 2000. Without cheating, post your answer below.
Source: RT



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