Best Selling DVDs/Blu-Rays on JoBlo.com (July 2012)

The past month's best-selling Blu-Rays & DVDs list is a little eclectic with the 1990 Paul Verhoeven sci-fi romp TOTAL RECALL leading the way in sales (no doubt thanks to the upcoming release of the Colin Farrell-starring remake coming out today) and a newer sci-fi romp, LOCKOUT, right behind it in 2nd place. The top 12 also features 3 films that were released this summer (TED, THE AVENGERS and PROMETHEUS), while THE INDIANA JONES COMPLETE ADVENTURES also managed to ramp its way onto the charts.

BTW, if you're someone who purchases your DVDs/Blu-Rays via Amazon.com, please use our links to make your buys because our site benefits from that. Much appreciated! So now, with no further adieu...allow me to present the 12 best-selling digital discs on JoBlo.com during the month of June 2012 (click through the image below to see the runner-ups). Keep track of all upcoming DVDs/Blu-Rays via our RELEASE DATES section, and all check all previous months' sales below. Peace!

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