Bettany and Bees

Millions and millions of dollars have been pumped into the writing and production of heist movies, but for a real good story you need only look so far as Paul Bettany, perpetrator of the world's greatest ever smash and grab. He exploded onto the screen in A KNIGHT'S TALE, snagged Jennifer Connelly and then just disappeared, only peaking his head up every now and then to do stuff like WIMBLEDON or THE DA VINCI CODE. Now he has surfaced (get Langley on the phone) to take a role as a widower in the Fox Searchlight picture THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. What exactly do these bees do in secret? Nobody knows, that's why it's 'secret'. But what we do know is that Bettany will play father to the central character, 14-year old girl Lily Owens (yep, Dakota Fanning) who, along with her friend Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson), flee town to escape their harsh upbringing and uncover the mysteries of Lily's late mother. Along the way, they are taken in by three sisters (Queen Latifah, Sophie Okonedo, Alicia Keys) who teach them the art of beekeeping. Still not sold on this thing? What if I told you Hilarie Burton ('One Tree Hill') was also involved, through flashbacks, playing Bettany's late wife? No? Seriously? But she's cute as a button! She could practically be half human and half furry bunny, she's so cute.
Extra Tidbit: Bettany turned down the role of the 'Tooth Fairy' in RED DRAGON to do DOGVILLE instead.



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