Bettany is Darwin

Charles Darwin was like, a really smart guy. He knew so many things about so many things. Natural selection, the evolutionary theory, the origin of species, all that stuff you slept through in high school--that's Darwin!

A daunting task it would be, to play the man himself. But apparently Paul Bettany is confident enough to do so, as he has just been cast in a new Charles Darwin biopic called CREATION. I guess if I was banging Jennifer Connelly, I too would have the confidence to portray one of the most intelligent men ever to grace our sexy planet. Speaking of which, Mrs. Bettany herself is set to star as Darwin's wife in the film, which will be directed by Jon Amiel.

The film will focus on Darwin's earlier life as he deals with the loss of a child. More importantly, because they will most likely be sharing a trailer, Paul and Jennifer will have plenty of time to bang while on set. That equals awesome.
Extra Tidbit: Paul and Jennifer started banging on the set of A BEAUTIFUL MIND.
Source: Imdb



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