Bettany to be Priest?

Paul Bettany is in negotiations to star in PRIEST, the adaptation of the comic book set after centuries of war between man and vampire, where a warrior priest turns against the church to track down a pack of vampires who kidnapped his niece. Gerard Butler was originally down to play the lead but obviously, he is out now.

Bettany will be re-teaming with his LEGION director, Scott Stewart, and I think that movie deserves a mention if you haven't already heard about it. In LEGION, a group of strangers led by Dennis Quaid, stranded in the desert discover that they must battle a legion of angels who have descended upon Earth as God has lost faith in humanity. How hot does that sound?

Anyway, PRIEST is now awesome by default. This dude Bettany just makes great decisions. The role with all the best lines in A KNIGHT'S TALE? Check. Banging Jennifer Connelly for life? Check.
Extra Tidbit: Writer/director Brian Helgeland actually refused to do A KNIGHT'S TALE without Bettany.
Source: THR



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