Betty White and Paul Rudd to star in the remake of the Carl Reiner classic Oh, God!?

What the hell is it with this sudden surge in popularity for Betty White? I was doing some cardio at the gym earlier today while watching the television monitors above and saw a commercial with her for whothef*ckknowswhat, and I just got to thinking how weird this current reinvigorated fascination with the woman is. Nothing against her, I just don't get why she's particularly so fascinatingly humorous to people all of a sudden.

But nevertheless, you don't have to get the zeitgeist in order to capitalize on it. Producer Jerry Weintraub, the man behind the original OH, GOD! from funnyman director Carl Reiner (THE JERK, "The Dick Van Dyke Show"), has been wanting to remake his 1977 film for some time, but it seems like now Weintraub is pitching the idea to studios again with the idea of Betty White as God (originally played by the late George Burns) and the ever-reliable Paul Rudd (DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, I LOVE YOU, MAN) as the unlucky mortal fool that's given the task of spreading God's word.

But will this even get made? According to Mike Fleming at Deadline, the current script that's floating around town isn't all that, and neither White nor Rudd have even been contacted yet for the project. Sorry to be a buzzkill, White-heads. But knowing Hollywood, I wouldn't doubt that something like this gets made sooner or later.
Extra Tidbit: THE JERK is hilarious.
Source: Deadline



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