Bev. Hills Cop deets

We all know that Brett Ratner is attached to direct BEVERLY HILLS COP IV and today we have some story details as Latino Review take a look at the script that is currently in place. Apparently the studio loves what they have but Murphy isn't too hot on it. So it remains to be seen if this is the draft that is ultimately made. After all, Murphy's eye for a script is legendary and so his disagreement could easily kill this screenplay by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas dead..

The basic gist is that Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) throws himself off of a building and Axel Foley comes back to Beverly Hills to investigate. Apparently Murphy is given "no funny lines" and there is a limo driver who provides the comic relief. This blows my mind.

Click HERE to check it out. It's pretty tough to get excited about, really. I don't really think Murphy has it anymore, and I routinely see hentai with better direction and more well-rounded characters than most Brett Ratner films.
Extra Tidbit: Murphy is the first actor to receive $1 million for his first film.
Source: LatinoReview



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