Biel Dies a Little

While she won't be starring in skimpy, red tights as Wonder Woman in JUSTICE LEAGUE, Jessica Biel will be starring in a new mystery film. Sigh. I know, it's just not the same. But Biel will star in DIE A LITTLE based on the novel by Megan Abbott. The film follows a young schoolteacher who begins to suspect that her new sister-in-law is hiding some deep, dark, eeeeeevil secrets. It's unclear whether Biel would play the schoolteacher or the mysterious woman (UPDATE: Biel will, in fact, be playing the sexy, mysterious woman and not the staid schoolteacher). The novel was set in the 1950s and played out as a hard-boiled mystery, the film will instead be set in the present day and will be more sunny side up than hard-boiled. DIE is set up at Tom Cruise's United Artists where Biel will produce from a script by Marcia and Geoffrey Blake. Biel just recently wrapped filming on POWDER BLUE, the project rumored to feature the first full-on Biel nudity. Now see, doesn't this all seem much more fun than watching Biel traipse around in a Wonder Woman costume? Isn't it?.... *sniff*

Extra Tidbit: Biel auditioned for the Mena Suvari role in AMERICAN BEAUTY.
Source: Variety



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