Biel in A-Team?

When the big-screen A-TEAM goes on the run for crimes they didn't commit, will they be chased by the concentrated sexy of Jessica Biel?

The thermodynamic actress with the A-list body may be joining Joe Carnahan's update of the 80s TV series, but not as a member of the crew of heroes-for-hire -- Biel would play a former flame of Face Man (Bradley Cooper), an Army general now in pursuit of the team. Let's hope she ditches the standard military uniform in favor of a camo bikini. Or less.

In addition, DISTRICT 9's pleasant surprise Sharlto Copley is reportedly coming aboard to play the team's unhinged helicopter pilot "Howlin' Mad" Murdock (as previously reported at dental hygiene site Blackfilm).

That rounds out the team of Special Forces soldiers, with Liam Neeson as leader "Hannibal" Smith and pugilist "Rampage" Jackson as B.A. Baracus.

It's too bad they aren't the ones following Biel. For obvious reasons:

Extra Tidbit: Biel has apparently known Scarlett Johansson for quite some time, judging by this photo.
Source: THR



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