Biel is Wonder Woman?

Will Jessica Biel finally put those glorious guns to good use as a bona fide super heroine? I can only respond with O M G.

That's the static at the moment -- earthbound goddess Biel may actually portray one in the JUSTICE LEAGUE flick that's currently collecting cast. As pretty much the only acceptable candidate to play the character (and I only say that because she's a personal obsession), the beautiful Biel would use her astonishing physique for various bullet-deflecting, golden lasso-whirling and villain-punching as the famed comic book Amazon Wonder Woman. Sometimes fantasy (mine, anyway) does become reality.

Warner Bros. isn't offering official confirmation (claiming they're holding out until the entire superteam is gathered in the Hall of Justice), but Biel would obviously be a viable name/face/body for a potential WONDER WOMAN solo spinoff, which has had difficulty getting the invisible jet off the runway. (Curiously, the comic incarnation of Wonder Woman recently decided the fate of Maxwell Lord, the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie's rumored villain.)

Expect similar levels of talent to fill out the costumes of Superman, Batman, The Flash and (giggle) Aquaman, likely making it the most expensive blockbuster yet. But no matter the cost... please get Biel's impossible bod in that gilded bustier.
Extra Tidbit: I kinda like Jessica Biel, if you didn't get that.
Source: Variety



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