Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds to have Big Eyes

BigEyeBabyReese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds, a man who is earnest if nothing else, have signed on to star in a biopic of 60's painters Margaret and Walter Keane called BIG EYES. Though Margaret was the one doing the painting, Walter took all the credit for her work and sold everything under his name.  It seems that when she eventually took him to court, the judge asked Walter to paint something in their famous "Big Eyes" style on the spot and Walter refused on the basis of his "sore shoulder."  The movie will be written and directed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszeqski (THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT, 1408) and produced by Tim Burton. 

Incidentally, the last time the writing/directing duo of Alexander and Karaszeqski collaborated witih Burton we got ED WOOD.  Which worked out pretty well for everyone involved, audiences and Tim Burton fans especially.  That being the case, another go at collaboration between the three sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

"We are ecstatic to have this dream cast for our dream project," Alexander and Karaszewski said in a joint statement. "Walter is a larger-than-life antihero -- charming, funny, dangerous, and a little crazy. Ryan will knock it out of the park. As for Reese, she will be perfect as Margaret -- soulful, decent, transforming from vulnerability to learning to fight for herself."

Seeing as how da Vinci seems to be my theme of the day, here's another painting:


Extra Tidbit: I've seen examples of the "Big Eyes" style before, yet have never heard of Margaret Keane - any art majors out there? What are your thoughts on her story's cinematic possibilities?



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