Biggs, Caplan join Cook

Regardless of whether you feel Dane Cook is funny or not, the guy certainly has a knack for getting hot chicks to star in his movies. It's Jessica Alba in GOOD LUCK CHUCK and he's now filming BACHELOR NO. 2 with Kate Hudson. Also joining the cast of that film are Jason Biggs and Lizzy Caplan who are set to play the "best friend" roles. The plot has something to do with Cook being rude and obnoxious (resist...urge...to make easy...joke...) and getting hired by guys to date ex-girlfriends so they come running back. I mean who cares. If you think Cook is funny, you're gonna go see it and die laughing. If you don't, you couldn't care less and will likely root incessantly for its failure. Biggs can be seen next in THE PLEASURE OF YOUR COMPANY with Isla Fisher and Caplan recently wrapped filming on the top-secret CLOVERFIELD/1-18-08 flick. BACHELOR just began filming in Boston for Lionsgate.

Extra Tidbit: Caplan grew up studying Reform Judaism and even after reading the Wikipedia page on that, I'm still not sure what that involves.



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