Bilbo is cast?

Ian's impression of Bob Barker?

Don't you hate it when some old jerk comes up and says "I know something you don't and I won't tell you"? That's what Sir Ian McKellen did this weekend. You just made the list, buddy!

Taking the stage for a RINGS screening marathon last weekend, Sir Ian the Malevolent fielded a bunch of HOBBIT questions that ranged from the totally obvious -he's actually reading it now- to the informative -He's expecting the script within a month, and filming should start in March- to the downright surprising: Bilbo has been cast, he knows who it is, he thinks fans'll be happy, and we can choke with our hopes of him telling who it is. Okay, he didn't say it like THAT, but still...

Such a claim begs the question: Why on Middle Earth wouldn't they let us know?? We'll find out eventually, so you know, just get it out there. Is it because we in fact WON'T be happy?

Extra Tidbit: If I didn't know any better, I'd say that image is from a Bob Barker bio pic. OH DEAR GOD I just gave studio execs an idea!!!
Source: Latino Review



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