Bill Condon goes back to the musical with The Song Is You

Director Bill Condon (pictured above to the right) has covered a pretty wide gamut of films throughout his career, with work such as CANDYMAN: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH, GODS AND MONSTERS, KINSEY, and DREAMGIRLS. Two of those are legitimately great films (and no, not CANDYMAN).

But it seems the filmmaker, along with his DREAMGIRLS producer Larry Mark (pictured above to the left), will be dipping back into the musical game both writing and directing an adaptation of the Arthur Phillips novel THE SONG IS YOU.

The story, according to Deadline Hollywood, "is about the unusual relationship that develops between a middle-aged commercials director who fixates on a young woman he hears singing at a bar. Theirs becomes a tenuous romance despite the fact they’ve never met."

Before THE SONG IS YOU, Condon will start production on the Simon Beaufoy-scripted adaptation of the Paul Torday novel SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN this May. And later, the long in development Richard Pryor biopic starring Marlon Wayans, of whom Condon had the following to say:

"Marlon isn't imprinted on everybody's brain, but the movie takes the form of a concert film and I needed someone with a stand-up background. You can't fake that, it's genetic. Marlon did a 15-minute test that consisted of three long scenes. He captured an essence of Pryor that was amazing to all of us."
Extra Tidbit: Condon was also the writer behind F/X2, CHICAGO, and last year's Oscar telecast. Seriously, the guy knows how to mix it up!



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