Bill Condon to direct both halves of Breaking Dawn?

A while back we heard that Summit was approaching big name directors to helm the final two installments of the TWILIGHT sage. Among them were Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola and most surprisingly DREAMGIRLS' Bill Condon.

Well it appears the oddest choice might be the real one, as Deadline is reporting that Condon has had multiple meetings with the studio and final negotiations are in place to get him behind the wheel.

The massive, and some would say unfilmable book, BREAKING DAWN is being split into two films which would likely be shot back to back. Condon seems like an incredibly random choice here, although I’m not sure ANYONE is ready to shoot a *SPOILERS* vampire fang cesarean and an epic baby/werewolf pedophilic love story. Sorry, but I feel the need to bring up those plot points every time we talk about this.

This isn’t final yet, but talks do appear to be in the wrap-up stages. I expect he’s pulling in a pretty massive chunk of change to do this, and I really, really hope he somehow works a musical number in.

Extra Tidbit: Condon is also directing the Marlon Wayans-as-Richard Pryor biopic.
Source: Deadline



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