Bill Condon's next job? Directing Breaking Dawn

Everyone can sleep soundly this evening, BREAKING DAWN, the fourth film in the TWILIGHT saga has a director.

This brave soul is Academy Award winner Bill Condon (KINSEY, DREAMGIRLS).

Condon has the task of trying to make BREAKING DAWN as buyable as possible. No longer debating about a choice between necrophilia and bestiality, Bella gets knocked up on her honeymoon in what I like to think of as the most awkward, cheesy "sex" scene ever. However, the pregnancy is quite trying because she has a f*cking blood draining vampire in her womb.

As you already know, a lot of weird ass stuff happens. "Spoilers" ahead: The wolves want to annihilate the baby, Edward wants Bella to get an abortion, vampire baby breaks Bella's ribs and severs her spine, Edward gives a c-section with his teeth, and finally Jacob falls in love with the infant.

So how do you make this movie seem less insane? It's nearly impossible unless you take out the majority of the book.

Condon is great, but I just have no hope for this...at all.

Extra Tidbit: Stephenie Meyer is a habitual line stepper.
Source: Summit



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