Bill Murray annoyed by your Ghostbusters 3 questions, calls it a myth

It was just a few weeks ago that Dan Aykroyd called Bill Murray and told him to "stop acting like a jerk" in regards to GHOSTBUSTERS 3, but it appears Mr. Murray did not get the memo, and his emphatic, public distaste for the project continues. Whether you can blame him for his attitude or not is a different story I suppose.

Recently at a junket for GET LOW, Bill Murray had this dismissive response when inevitably questioned about the film:

“It’s just a myth. It’s like the white alligator in the sewer, you know? Who’s seen it, really?”

“It’s just really the movie studio. They love the franchise, they’d just like to re-create it again. All this talk is just talk. It drives me nuts, it’s just people talking. And now, it’s like, on the street people go ‘hey, hey, hey,’ you know, why don’t you go back to high school? Quit bothering me. Until someone actually creates a great script it’s just hogwash, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s interesting that people are interested in it, they’d like to see it. It was a great thing, it really was fun. Maybe it should. And if it’s such a good idea, then someone will write the screenplay.”

You know, I actually agree with his sentiment here. If I were Murray, I wouldn’t want to return unless it was a really damn worthwhile script. Far too often these days, Hollywood believes they can throw funny actors into a movie together and it will automatically be funny. YEAR ONE for example, had every comedian under the sun in it, from Michael Cera to Paul Rudd to David Cross to Jack Black to Hank Azaria and it was still supremely awful because of a bad script.

Conveniently enough, YEAR ONE was directed by ex-Ghostbuster Harold Ramis and written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, who are all writing GHOSTBUSTERS 3. And if Bill Murray has connected the dots, he’s realized that a similarly un-funny disaster might be pending. And so far, I can’t really fault his logic, as the only news we seem to be getting out of this project is any time Bill Murray says something about it, rather than any real progress about it going forward.

Extra Tidbit: The way I see it, they can either do it now with the actual old cast stopping by, or they'll just "reboot" the whole franchise in five years. Hollywood won't let this one go.
Source: Cinema Blend



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