Bill Paxton gets the Knockout over Dennis Quaid

The known Steven Soderbergh freaks over at The Playlist have gotten themselves some exclusive news regarding a casting change-up to the prolific director's upcoming spy thriller KNOCKOUT.

"Sources close to the project" tell the website that Bill Paxton will be stepping into the shoes left vacant by Dennis Quaid, the casting of which we reported to you earlier this month. Unfortunately for Quaid, a scheduling conflict with an upcoming project of his called SOUL SURFER could not be resolved and has thus forced the actor to move on. Paxton now will play the father of black ops solider Mallory Kane (to be played by MMA fighter Gina Carano).

The Playlist is also reporting that actor/director Mathieu Kassovitz (AMELIE, MUNICH) has joined the cast "in an undisclosed role, but is somehow involved in the picture's intrigue." You may also know Kassovitz as the director of BABYLON A.D. and GOTHIKA. Yeah, I know. But more importantly, he directed a French picture in 1995 called LA HAINE starring Vincent Cassel that's pretty damn great.

KNOCKOUT begins filming this Monday in Dublin and is reportedly looking to be released in August. F*ck me, that's quick!
Extra Tidbit: Bill Paxton was originally cast as the lead in THE DA VINCI CODE before having to step out due to his own scheduling conflict with HBO's "Big Love".
Source: The Playlist



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