Bill Paxton wants to make a 'Twister' sequel in 3D. Sigh.

Listen, I love Bill Paxton. He's one of the great character actors that somehow made it into leading man roles for a while there. He had impressively memorable roles in TRUE LIES, WEIRD SCIENCE, NEAR DARK and NAVY SEALS as well as my personal favorite as Private Hudson in ALIENS. But now the dude has just gone a little nutty. Speaking with online men's magazine Bullz-Eye (via Coming Soon), Paxton revealed he's got a plan; a grand plan. And that plan involves him pitching a 3D sequel for TWISTER to Steven Spielberg. Sadly Spielberg doesn't seem to be taking his phone calls.

Paxton says he spent time in the Ozarks recently with TWISTER star Scott Thomson and apparently it was all enough to inspire Paxton to want to revisit the 1996 film. As he says, "from that I kind of extrapolated an idea for a sequel." Let me guess....the sequel involves another tornado wreaking havoc on a midwestern town while some storm chasers follow it. But as mentioned previously, Paxton's big catch is that this sequel would be in 3D so flying cows could come directly at your face. He says he's spoken to producer Kathleen Kennedy (co-founder of Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment) but that he obviously needs Spielberg's blessing. But at least the dude is realistic about how that's gonna go. "They probably won't take it to him..."

Extra Tidbit: Paxton has the distinction of being killed by an Alien, a Predator and a Terminator.
Source: Bullz-Eye



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