Billy Bob joins Rock

Billy Bob Thornton has signed on to co-star with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the upcoming action flick FASTER. While this is mildly interesting news on its own, the most fascinating part for me are the character names. Johnson will be playing a character named Driver, who just so happens to be a driver. Thornton will be playing a character named Cop, who just so happens to be a cop. Yet to be cast is a character named Killer, who just so happens to be...nevermind, I think you catch my drift.

I'm guessing (hoping?) that the characters names are never spoken in the film and are named "Cop" and "Driver" simply for reference purposes (sort of like "Him" and "Her" in ANTICHRIST) and that those aren't really their names. The project was written by Joe and Tony Gayton and will be directed by George Tillman, Jr. (NOTORIOUS). Production on FASTER is expected to begin early next year, right after Johnson's latest masterpiece, THE TOOTH FAIRY hits theaters.

Extra Tidbit: The Gayton brothers last writing effort was the direct-to-DVD Van Damme flick THE SHEPHERD.
Source: Variety



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