Biopic of Beach Boys member Dennis Wilson drums up Vera Farmiga for a lead actress

VeraFarmigaIsAwfullyBeautifulThere is a part of me, ancient and deep down, that has always loved Fleetwood Mac purely due to its amazing name. Goody for me then to find out that there is movie in the works called THE DRUMMER, admittedly one of the more boring titles possible, that deals with the relationship between Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie and co-founder of the Beach Boys Dennis Wilson in the last years of his life.

"Randall Miller Jody Savin, the team behind indie BOTTLE SHOCK, are respectively directing and writing the movie, which is tackling the last six years of Wilson’s life (he died in 1983), when the singer-songwriter released his acclaimed solo album Pacific Ocean Blue.... Wilson and McVie had a fiery and tortuous relationship after McVie’s divorce from Fleetwood Mac guitarist John McVie. The band’s 1982 hit Hold Me was co-written by Christine McVie and was inspired by her time with Wilson."

And while that certainly sounds interesting to my uninformed ear, what immediately makes me pay attention to this project is the casting: Vera Farmiga is going to play Christine McVie while Aaron Eckhart is set for Dennis Wilson. They're the kind of actors that make everything they're in better just by their commitment and the life they bring to their characters, so put me down for one very intrigued ticket.

ChristineMcVieBlackandWhite VeraFarmigaLikeMcVie



Extra Tidbit: Turns out that Farmiga is a classically trained pianist and will use those skills in the movie. I don't know how it's possible, but she just became even more attractive.



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