Bioshock Helmer

     Bioshock Game art

Universal knows they're going to make a crapload of cash IF fans of BIOSHOCK are happy. But because of a budget rising past the $160M mark, Filming was sent abroad to cut costs and thus director Gore Verbinski "see-ya'd" the project. Never a good sign when the top rat leaves the ship. BUT, there's life after Gore, apparently.

To replace Verbinski who remains as producer, Uni just signed director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who aside being a mouthfull to pronounce made his big-splash Hollywood debut with 28 WEEKS LATER, which was one surprisingly good different-director sequel to an awesome first film.

So the guy who made three enjoyable yet f*ckinly long and messy pirate movies gets off, AND the replacement is a guy who showed balls in stepping up for a sequel to Danny Boyle's horror hit. Good thing after all? What do gamers think of this, 'cause honestly I never played the darn thing...

Extra Tidbit: I DID play HALO though. DAMN I wanted to see Jackson's vision for that!
Source: Variety



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