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Do you like girls kicking ass, but don't feel like waiting around for Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH? Well then BITCH SLAP just might be for you. Bloody Disgusting got a hold of a bunch of high-res stills from the film, which you can check out by clicking on them below. But before you do that, I highly suggest you read this very real, very capitalized synopsis of the movie:

"3 Bad Girls, 1 Desert, 1 Supercharged Thunderbird, 1,473 Exotic Weapons, 1 Ruthless Crimelord, $206 Million in Stolen Goods, A Cop Who May Not be a Cop, Hundreds More Cops who are Cops (Maybe…), A Pair of Mentally-Challenged Contract Killers, 1 Device That Could Snuff Out Life on Earth, More Cleavage than you can Shake a Stick At and Kidney Rattling Erotic Displays of Carnal Prowess Heretofore Unimagined…"

You had me at “mentally challenged contract killers.” Check out the shots below, click on them for more and marvel at this generation’s FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!

Extra Tidbit: How is Quentin Tarantino not at all involved in this?



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