Black cat for Spidey?

Will the sexy Felicia Hardy make an appearance as Black Cat in SPIDER-MAN 4?

A reliable source for Mania says that not only is Black Cat part of the storyline, but Rachel McAdams is the top contender for the role. Apparently, Ms. Hardy fits in well with Raimi's storyline for the next spidey movie. They are also casting for a second unknown male villain in addition to Curt Conners as the lizard.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little turned on by the idea of McAdams playing the cat. I mean seriously, not only is she beautiful but think about her in that tight as hell black suit. Felicia is my favorite female character in the comic universe, and it would be nice to see her take some of the screen time away from Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst).

As you might already know, Felicia has a bit of a troubled past. It starts with Mr. Hardy, who was a bit of an influence on his daughter, as a well-known cat burglar. In college, she was date raped by her boyfriend who later on gets killed in a car accident. The rape infuriated her, and before the lousy bastard was killed she decided to study different fighting styles in order to exact her revenge. Felicia used the Black Cat image to break her Dad out of jail constantly, until he died. Later she's taken to a mental hospital...the list goes on. She feels a kinship with Spider-man and has been many different things to him: a lover, a friend, an ally, and an enemy.

I really hope we see McAdams as Black Cat, but I'd take Eliza Dushku if that falls through.

Extra Tidbit: If Jenna Busch is going to Comic-Con next year as White Queen, I'd like to go as a really f*cking short Black Cat. Also, check out both of the artists who drew the gorgeous Felicia: Veripwolf & Mark Brooks. Gotta give props to my fellow Deviant artists.
Source: Mania



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