Black in Tropic Thunder

In keeping with the glorious Frat-Pack tradition, Jack Black has signed on to star in Ben Stiller's upcoming directorial effort, TROPIC THUNDER. Black joins Robert Downey Jr. and Jay Baruchel in the movie, which is scripted by Etan Cohen (IDIOCRACY) and Justin Theroux (this year's THE TEN).

The comedy (obviously) is about a group of actors who, in the midst of shooting a big budget war movie, have to call on all the skills they learnt in their training for the roles, as they are forced by freak circumstances to become the soldiers they were supposed to be merely portraying.

There is as yet no word as to whether Jack Black will be recording a song for the soundtrack (as Tenacious D) or if he will at any point in the movie say "Rigagoogooo Rigagoogooo" while strumming an imaginary guitar and bopping up and down with one eyebrow cocked.

Extra Tidbit: Ben Stiller features in the Tenacious D video "Tribute" as one of the random shoppers who walks by when Jack Black bursts out of the booth towards the end.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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