Black Moan trailer

Black Snake Moan A couple of weeks ago, we posted the trailer for Craig Brewer's drama BLACK SNAKE MOAN, his follow-up to his critically acclaimed HUSTLE & FLOW, but studio bloodhounds pounced on us as it was apparently a leaked copy that wasn't quite ready for public viewing. That very same trailer has now made its way to the film's official MySpace page so we're assuming it's been placed through a rigorous exercise program, made to lose those unseemly excess pounds and is now ready for mass consumption. If you didn't happen to check it out the first time around, do make sure to click through and check it out now. You won't be disappointed. In the film, Sam Jackson stars as a former blues player who takes it upon himself to cure a ravenously nymphomaniacal Christina Ricci of her "wickedness" by keeping her chained in his house. The film opens February 23rd. Thanks to 'Yann' for the head's up.

Extra Tidbit: The film's title comes from a Blind Lemon Jefferson song recorded in 1927.
Source: MySpace



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