Blade prequel?

Interested in a BLADE prequel that may not actually be about Blade?

Original BLADE villain Stephen Dorff and director Steve Norrington are interested -- they're planning a new project that focuses on the ostentatious upstart bloodsucker Deacon Frost from the first movie. Norrington tells Mania that the idea (which he credits to Dorff) "has evolved into a very interesting story" but that it will somehow be part of the Daywalker's existing mythology -- "The linkage to BLADE is still big in the equation."

The question of rights or studio doesn't seem to be addressed, however. Marvel's half-vamp fang-fighter was last seen on screen in the weak BLADE TRINITY (and on TV in the Sticky Fingaz-starring Spike series, a personal guilty pleasure), although the recently condensed New Line presumably still has some kind of legal grasp on the characters.

As to when it may happen (if at all), it could be a while as Norrington is currently putting together his remake/reboot/reimagination of THE CROW.

Extra Tidbit: Though he "quit" Hollywood after LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, Norrington also flirted with the live-action AKIRA and remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS.
Source: Mania



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