Blade Runner tweaking

Blade Runner Our brothers in horror over at "Arrow in the Head" recently alerted us to actress Joanna Cassidy's announcement on her official site that she'd recently reshot some scenes for an upcoming special edition DVD release of BLADE RUNNER. While she didn't elaborate further, some details have emerged since her announcement: [SPOILER ALERT] Her character's death, for one, has been identified as a scene that's been reshot and Film Ick has some details on some of the CGI work that's being done to another scene. Your pals at JoBlo.com, though, have also learned that Harrison Ford's son Ben has also been shooting a few scenes with a pitch perfect impersonation of his famous pop. Basically, they're aiming to rectify a few erroneous shots that have never sat too well with fans and filmmakers alike. We've also learned that a trailer for this tweaked bad boy will be on the 300 DVD, which should be hitting stores in August.

Extra Tidbit: Three BLADE RUNNER novels have been written by K. W. Jeter continuing the story of Rick Deckard in an attempt to resolve the differences between BLADE RUNNER and Phillip K. Dick's short story, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", on which the film is based: "The Edge of Human", "Replicant Night" and "Eye and Talon".



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