Blades of Glory trailer

IGN FilmForce has an exclusive look at the trailer for BLADES OF GLORY. You know what that means: Ferrell. Heder. Arnett. Poehler. Coach. Feeny. That is one hell of a cast and this looks pretty fantastic; Ferrell is damn close to top form, Heder looks game, if Will Arnett and Amy Poehler have been trying to suck at all, they've failed miserably, and we have Coach, and we have Feeny, so that's that. For those who don't know, BLADES tells the story of two rival ice skaters who, after having their medals stripped from them for poor conduct at the 2002 Olympics and getting permanently banned from the men's single competition, find a loophole that allows them to qualify as a pair. Both high-concept and ingenious, it affords us the chance to witness Ferrell hold Heder high above his head by the crotch. Check out the trailer HERE. And head to the movie's official site to see a larger version of the image below. The movie hits theaters March 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Arnett and Poehler are married (to each other).



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