Blanchett is Marian?

Ridley Scott's much-maligned NOTTINGHAM may be getting a huge boost. Cate Blanchett is in talks to play Maid Marian, a role vacated by Sienna Miller. We all know that Russell Crowe is playing Robin Hood and The Sheriff of Nottingham in the film, but it was actor Mark Strong, who is playing Sir Guy of Gisbourne, who spoke out about Blanchett's possible involvement.

I think Cate Blanchett is set to take the Maid Marian part. She is a wonderful actress and it would make it a much classier film if she was in it.

Ouch. Rumours abound as to why Sienna left the film, with speculation centering around an alleged rift between her and Crowe. We've all heard about Crowe's antics on set. The guy can be a little intimidating I'm sure, but I'd like to see him try and push Blanchett around. Not gonna happen. Let's get this movie made people!
Extra Tidbit: Who would you rather, Sienna or Cate?
Source: The Telegraph



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