Bledel wants a Ride

Alexis Bledel Adorable former Stars Hollow resident Alexis Bledel has agreed to star in Fox Atomic's comedy TICKET TO RIDE. Under director Vicky Jenson from a script by Kelly Fremon, the 15 million dollar project will see Bledel star as a recent college grad who incites fun-filled hilarity when she moves back in with her parents and tries to find a decent job, a stable relationship and some sense of direction in her otherwise aimless life. She does all this, of course, by meeting the man of her dreams, realizing the man of her dreams is flawed and human, considering the possibility that he's not the man of her dreams but seeing the error of her ways after he makes a sweeping romantic gesture that captures her heart and sends them both straight to the sack for some high quality boning. The former Rory Gilmore can next be seen in the estrogen-fueled sequel THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2: PANTS DON'T LIE (Note: Subtitle completely fabricated).

Extra Tidbit: Bledel's middle name is Alexis. Her first name is Kimberly.
Source: Variety



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