Blind Side trailer

Lord knows I’ve grown up raised on Sandra Bullock, as my mom played every single one of her movies on repeat throughout the majority of my childhood (I’ve seen WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING more times than STAR WARS). I even liked her recently in THE PROPOSAL against all odds, but THE BLIND SIDE? We’ll see.

The story follows Bullock as a southern suburban mother who takes a giant black football player under her wing when he moves to town on a scholarship. It’s an inherently touching concept (and it's based on a true story), but watch the trailer and tell me you didn’t roll your eyes when The Fray started playing. Get it? Because she’s saving his life!

Bullock actually adopts the kid by the end of the trailer (no small feat for two and half minutes), and you feel like you've more or less just seen the entire film. But in case you want to watch the whole thing, THE BLIND SIDE comes out in November.

Extra Tidbit: Was I the only one who got incredibly turned on by Bullock’s freak dancing to Lil Jon in THE PROPOSAL?
Source: JoBlo



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