Blind Side trailer 2

BLIND SIDE one sheet

I've had just about enough of those real-life inspirational sport dramadies for a while, but the idea of Sandra Bullock as a MILF makes me curious about THE BLIND SIDE. You have to admit she's hotter here than she was in THE PROPOSAL. Yes, I've seen it. So sue me - I need brainless entertainment once in a while.

Warner dished out a second trailer for the film about a mother who takes under her wing a homeless African-American who happens to have great potential (and girth) for football. So yeah, pretty much on par with INVINCIBLE or every other REMEMBER THE TITANS out there, AND it's directed by John Lee Hancock who made THE ROOKIE. But still, Sandra looks quite cute and it's got an interesting cast that includes Kathy Bates and Tim McGraw.

The movie comes out November 20, the new poster is on the side here, that trailer is down there, and I'm off to watch DEMOLITION MAN. Brainless fun, I told you.

Extra Tidbit: Here's a question that's been nagging me for a while: Is that Bullock's real nose? Be a shame if it wasn't, that thing is really cute.
Source: Warner Brothers



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