Blindness poster

A few weeks ago, the film BLINDNESS wasn’t even on my radar—which might have to do with me not knowing about it—but then I saw Julianne Moore at some opening for a cashmere store in SoHo and we got to talking. I asked her what is was like working with Fernando Meirelles (CITY OF GOD) It’s great, she said. As a Canadian, I asked her what it was like working with Don McKellar, who penned the script, and she said, it was great! I had a feeling everything else I asked her about BLINDNESS would elicit the same response, so I gave up and got myself a glass of champagne instead. However, based on what she told me, this movie is going to be great. And by the sound of its plot (everyone in the world suddenly goes blind) I’d have to agree. Mark Ruffalo, Danny Glover, and Gael Garcia Bernal costar with Moore, and the film opens this fall.

Extra Tidbit: BLINDNESS is a Canadian and Brazilian co-production.
Source: impawards.com



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