Blonde Ambition is tops

Hey, remember when people called BLONDE AMBITION the worst thing since the Hiroshima fallout? Remember when people (myself included) called it a financial bomb? Well I'm not usually one to admit my mistakes (I'm still pretty sure PT Anderson won an Oscar for writing MAGNOLIA back in '99) but when you're wrong you're wrong: BLONDE AMBITION is the number one movie in Ukraine, where it took $253,008 in its opening weekend beating out DEFINITELY, MAYBE, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS and multiple Oscar-nominated ATONEMENT. There are a ton of other statistics that are equally ridiculous but once you've got the gist of this story you pretty much know all you need to know. What can I say, I'm sorry Jess. And for all you haters, make sure you check BLONDE AMBITION out at your... local... discount video store?
Extra Tidbit: One of my friends who saw BLONDE AMBITION left the cinema visibly aged ten years and missing one of his legs, which had simply retracted back into his body. True story.
Source: Cinematical



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