Bloom in Supes 2?

Now I'm well aware that Page Six of the New York Post isn't exactly a beacon of journalistic integrity, but they do what they do pretty well and what they do is gossip. Seeing people out and about and reporting on that. Well just recently they saw Orlando Bloom, Bryan Singer and SUPERMAN RETURNS producer Jon Peters having dinner. And what, pray tell, were they talking about? Why roles in SUPERMAN RETURNS AGAIN of course! Of course the Sixers weren't able to get close enough to hear what role they were talking about for Bloom. What do you think it might be? Brainiac would be the obvious choice (in my mind) for a SUPERMAN sequel villain but I don't see Bloom as very Brainiac-esque. I always felt that a great villain for a Superman movie would be Conduit. I thought he was a character with a great concept - he grew up with Clark in Smallville and was exposed to high levels of kryptonite radiation when Kal-El crashes on Earth - but was misused in the comic. He's basically a dying cancer patient with a major grudge against Clark/Superman and who's body emanates the one thing that can actually stop him. Of course I'm not saying Bloom would play Conduit... It is interesting that Bloom is about the same age as Routh's Superman. SUPERMAN RETURNS TOO! isn't expected to begin filming until late 2008 as Singer will begin work later this year on an untitled WWII thriller with Tom Cruise.

Extra Tidbit: Wasn't Bloom was one of the names mentioned back when SUPERMAN was casting the first time around?
Source: New York Post



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