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Blunt and Segel Travel


When portly punchliner Jack Black goes journeying in GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, he'll be meeting some funny and familiar faces (on tiny bodies).

Dishy Brit Emily Blunt, along with Sarah Marshall forgetter Jason Segel, will be joining the modernized "re-imagining" of the classic Jonathan Swift tale.  Blunt and Segel will play a couple on the island of Lilliput, the land of teensy people where Black's roving reporter finds himself.

The new GULLIVER (co-written by Segel's SARAH MARSHALL director Nicolas Stoller) comes from director Rob Letterman (MONSTERS vs. ALIENS).

Blunt will attempt to juggle her little-person work with a role as sexy Soviet spy (and future Avenger) Black Widow in IRON MAN 2 and will be seen later this year in THE WOLF MAN, and Segel is working on bringing back the Muppets and soon appears with Paul Rudd in I LOVE YOU, MAN.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who still gets a chill from the term "re-imagining"?
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