Boll's Darfur trailer

Sigh. You meant "existence," I presume. At least he spelled "Darfur" right…

This typo pops up in the trailer for Uwe Boll's DARFUR movie and yes, Uwe Boll is making a Darfur movie, despite the fact that Darfur has in no way, ever been a video game. Spell-checking aside, there’s not a whole lot you can really say about the trailer, it certainly does feature African people dying, but I have to say I doubt that Uwe Boll is the man to give the tragic situation over there the movie treatment it deserves.

His latest film, RAMPAGE, about a guy who goes on a killing spree with homemade kevlar armor, is supposed to actually be good (well, good by Uwe Boll standards at least), so maybe he’s let that go to his head, and now he thinks he’s shooting for the Oscars with this project.

Check out the trailer below. To me it looks like a slightly lower budgeted version of 24’s Redemption mini-movie that aired last year.

Extra Tidbit: It's sad that petition lost steam.



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