Boll's Massacre

I actually don't think that I've seen a Uwe Boll movie and I don't really think I'm in any position to critique his work based solely on that short clip I saw of the window washer from POSTAL (which was pretty bad). As such, I'm not gonna do the usual thing and say he sucks and he's the antichrist or whatever, I'm just gonna bring the news; he's about to make another movie, another video game adaptation, this time of 'ZOMBIE MASSACRE'. Boll said that "I'd like Zombie Massacre to be a harsh zombie movie like 28 Days Later". I don't know anything about ALONE IN THE DARK, BLOODRAYNE or any of the games he's made into movies in the past, but this one actually sounds kinda cool. The basic plot is that our heroes need to drive a fully armed nuclear device into the centre of a city overflowing with zombies. Done deal. I can get on board that. I'll see this. Probably. Maybe.
Extra Tidbit: Boll's favourite video game is being given the movie adaptation too; HITMAN.
Source: Dark Horizons



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