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Surprisingly enough, Disney's upcoming animated BOLT has kept pretty under the radar so far and considering they didn't do so bad with their last animated outing - MEET THE ROBINSONS - this one might be worth checking out.

With this in mind, the folks over at "Trailer Addicts" have done us a solid and posted a little preview clip of the film introduced by Hannah Montana herself and prospective rehab hopper Miley Cyrus (she's already started the shamespiral with - possibly NSFW! - risque camera phone pics), who voices a cat in the film called Mr. Mittens.

In the film, John Travolta voices the titular dog who stars on a TV show as a superhero but doesn't realize none of it is real so when he goes out into the real world thinking he's Underdog, he finds that he's really just a loser. But with a heart of gold! Check out the preview below. The superhero action starts November 26th.

Extra Tidbit: You know who else is part of the voice cast? James effing Lipton.
Source: Trailer Addict



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