Bond pics & details

USA Today and IGN recently took a trip to Chile to the set of the still-filming Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE, and returned with some new snaps and a few scraps of info about what 007 is dealing with now.

The shadowy organization at the center of Bond's investigation is called Quantum, which helps explain the title that so many people seem to dislike. Being the total bastards they are, this Quantum network is zeroing on "wounded nations" to achieve their goals of domination. The villain (played by Mathieu Amalric of MUNICH) is an "eco-friendly tycoon" named Greene (that's subtle) who is secretly planning to control the world's water supply (Muahahahaa!).

Bond also isn't just doing his job -- Daniel Craig says his spy is taking things personally: "He has his heart broken. The love of his life is killed, and he finds out she's not who she said she was. He's out for revenge." Foxy ladies Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurlyenko will no doubt help him recover from his loss... Hit either source link up there to get more details on his second turn as the old-but-new super agent.

Extra Tidbit: Craig appeared with former Bond villain Sean Bean in one of the countless SHARPE'S telefilms.
Source: IGNUSA Today



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