Book of Eli poster

THE BOOK OF ELI Not too long ago, we told you about Gary Oldman joining the Hughes bros. directed sci fi western THE BOOK OF ELI in what appears to be a villanous role and now the folks over at "Coming Soon" snapped the film's promo poster at the current American Film Market. In it, Denzel Washington stars as a man in a post apocalyptic Earth tasked with protecting the titular sacred book as it holds the key to saving humanity. It's a little bit of THE ROAD, a little bit of DOOMSDAY, a little bit of SERENITY and hopefully a whole lotta awesome. It's an intriguing sounding flick that will hopefully deliver, though we'll have to wait until January 15th of 2010 to see it. In the meantime, click on the poster or HERE for the post-apocalyptic version and a few more posters.

Extra Tidbit: Since FROM HELL, The Hughes brothers have been doing mostly TV and a segment in the anthology film NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU.
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