Bosworth wants Love

Just thinking out loud here but shouldn't Kate Bosworth be a bigger star? Around 2004 she was one of the hottest "It Girls" and wound up parlaying that fame into one of the then most coveted female roles in Hollywood, Lois Lane in SUPERMAN RETURNS. But other than the surprise success of 21, she hasn't done much since. She's currently filming the STRAW DOGS remake (more on that movie from our set visit later this year) but I feel like she should be right up there with the Kate Hudsons of the world, no?

Perhaps it was a choice to lay low for a little while but it does seem like Bosworth is on her way back. She's attached to star in and produce LOST GIRLS AND LOVE HOTELS in which she would play a stewardess leading a double life filled with sex and drugs at night. OK, now you've got my interest. Nadia Conners is writing the script based on the novel by Catherine Hanrahan. Jean-Marc Vellee, who directed Emily Blunt in the upcoming THE YOUNG VICTORIA, will direct the film.

Extra Tidbit: Bosworth speaks fluent Spanish, which is kinda sexy.
Source: THR



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