Bourne heads south?

Earlier this year we told you that Universal was successful in convincing director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon to return for a fourth BOURNE movie. We haven't heard much since then but IESB.net caught up with producer Frank Marshall at the Saturn Awards who dished on the upcoming installment. He says that the current plan is to begin shooting next summer for a 2010 release. As for where the film might be going, Marshall said that while a fourth Jason Bourne book was written, it wasn't written by Robert Ludlum so they'll probably come up with their own original concept. They're still working on that concept now but Marshall teased that Bourne will be headed to South America for his next adventures. Bourne takes on Colombian drug lords? Bourne takes on the hot asses of Rio? Bourne takes on... OK, I'll stop. To watch the full interview with Frank Marshall, ">click here to head to IESB.

Extra Tidbit: Are they sure they don't want to wait 20 years for the fourth film where they can introduce Bourne's son and have him run swinging with CGI monkeys?
Source: IESB



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