Bousman on Mom's Day

Darren Bousman, director of SAWs 2-4 and REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA, has signed on to direct MOTHER'S DAY, a remake of the 1980 cult horror classic. Scott Milam wrote the script about a sadistic family who return to their childhood home to torture the new residents and please their evil mother. Bousman updated his MySpace page after the news broke saying, "While it pays homage to the 1980 original film, it is defiantly it's own beast... This film will not be a carbon copy remake... It's unique, clever, scary, violent, and fun." Producing the film will be Twisted Pictures who worked with Bousman on the SAW films and Brett Ratner...wait, where are you going?!

No word yet on when filming might begin but Bousman describes it as his "next film" and Twisted Pictures is planning to have the film ready for Mother's Day 2010 so expect things to get underway this fall. What this means to Bousman's planned submarine heist movie AKULA remains to be seen.

Source: JoBlo.com



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