Bousman & Ratner?

If you've never seen the 1980 horror flick MOTHER'S DAY, you're missing out on a movie Roger Ebert called "the latest reprehensible specimen of the geek film...[that] will stoop to anything in its attempt to disgust its audiences." Nice! Of course Ebert gave it zero stars and eventually questions why anybody would want to see the film and anything that "bad" is bound to find a cult audience. That it did and gore hounds have been eating up copies on VHS for years (not literally...at least I hope not). Now Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Brett Ratner is working on a remake and is in talks with Darren Bousman (SAWs 2-4) to direct. Franck Khalfoun (P2) is working on a script for the film about a mother and her two sons who kidnap hot young campers and rape, torture, maim and so on and so forth. Bousman is currently making the rounds with REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA and has not yet decided on his next film (though it seems that it won't be a remake of SCANNERS). As an added bonus, I present to you the original trailer for MOTHER'S DAY. No better way to start the day then with some vintage 80s horror!

Extra Tidbit: MOTHER'S DAY director Charles Kaufman is the brother of Troma president Lloyd Kaufman.



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