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Bow n' Cube Got Ticket


Scratch my Balls ticket

The artist formerly known as Lil' Bow Wow is about to hit the jackpot, if only in a fictional manner, as headliner alongside Ice Cube for Alcon Entertainment's LOTTERY TICKET.

The story from first-time scribe Abdul Williams follows Bow (guess that constitutes his first name) as a young man living in a bad neighborhood who has to survive 3 days of holding on to a winning lottery ticket. Ice plays a former boxer who helps the poor winner out.

Things definitely stay in-house with the project in the hands of music vid director Erik White in his feature film debut. Production is slated for October with Warner distributing a mid-2010 release.

Extra Tidbit: Friend of mine won a good sum once. He called his girlfriend and told told her to pack 'cause he won big. When she asked what she should pack, he said "Everything bitch! Get the F*ck out!".



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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