Boyle back to India

Danny Boyle Danny Boyle must have quite enjoyed the time he spent shooting SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE in India because, according to Live Mint, he's recently optioned the rights to Suketu Mehta's critically acclaimed book "Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found" with the hope of turning into another award winning drama. The film is an immersion into the heart of India with the author having "met with Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray, followed Mumbai top cops on their beats, and tracked the life of a bar dancer, weaving it all in a modern-day epic that compared the Indian megapolis with that other Godzilla-sized city, New York." It's sure to be an ambitious film but something somebody as talented as Boyle can surely pull off. Further, Boyle cites the book as a continuous source of inspiration while he was filming SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. He called the book his "Bible". Read more about what he had to say about the book at the above link.

Extra Tidbit: Boyle has said his favorite film is APOCALYPSE NOW.
Source: Live Mint



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