Boyle does cartoon?

Danny Boyle seems like the rare director who can handle just about any type of material. Terrifying viral apocalypse (28 DAYS LATER), small-scale psycho thriller (SHALLOW GRAVE), trippy drug tale (TRAINSPOTTING), whimsical kid adventure (MILLIONS), existential sci-fi (SUNSHINE) and now his well-received Indian dramedy SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

What would someone with such a lack of boundaries do in the world of animation? We might find out -- Boyle tells Coming Soon that he wants to tackle Terry Pratchett's childrens book TRUCKERS as a feature 'toon. The approach is part of what appeals to him: "You're more like a ringmaster, kind of organizing this huge army of illustrators who can change the movie. It's really weird."

Boyle hopes to reunite with MILLIONS writer Frank Cottrell Boyce and do the project with Dreamworks, but there's nothing set in stone (or cel, or hard drive) just yet. Pratchett's tale is the first in the "Bromeliad trilogy" about an isolated group of tiny people who travel and discover a much larger community of their kind.


Extra Tidbit: Although Romero fans argue otherwise, Boyle refers to his 28 DAYS LATER rage-victims as "zombies".
Source: Coming Soon



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